The Pack

How it all started...

The concept for L4SP started years ago when our founder, Isabeau Maxwell, adopted her first senior pet. A Cocker Spaniel she lovingly named Apple. Isabeau had a lifetime of raising pets but it was this very special senior that stole her heart. The two were inseparable for the few years they were together. Apple's dog tags still hang in Isabeau's car as a daily reminder of her dear friend. Fast forward a few years, two kids off to college and an empty nest, Isabeau began adopting seniors again. First was Francis, an 18 year old toy poodle mix. Soon after, four more furry oldies followed, creating her "golden" pack. But adopting senior pets herself wasn’t enough. Knowing there is power in numbers and love to be given, she built a platform focused on two very important tasks. Reducing the fear and suffering of as many senior animals as possible and creating opportunity for people to experience love and gratitude through senior adoption. Love for Senior Paws was born!

The L4SP Pack

Isabeau Maxwell

Founder, Top Dog

John Fownes

CCO, Pack Leader