Pawsitivity Pack Getting Started Guide

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Welcome to the Pawsitivity Pack!

Before you go out and begin conducting interviews, make sure you download the two files below: the Getting Started Guide and the Image Release Forms. Check your email, we sent you a link to your own Google Drive folder to upload all your content and forms. It may take a few minutes after signing up for the email to go through. Double check your Spam folder, as it may end up there.

  1. Pawsitivity Pack Getting Started Guide
  2. Image Release Forms - Mobile, Print

Read through the Getting Started Guide and understand the flow of the process before you begin conducting interviews. It will help make things run a little more smoothly as you begin creating content.

After you've recorded your first interview and uploaded the video and filled out release form, you may post it online! Tag Love for Senior Paws in each post, and use the hashtag #PawsitivityL4SP. If you've done everything correctly, we'll feature your post and share the Pawsitivity you've created!

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