Ambassador Information

Similar to an affiliate program, the Love for Senior Paws Ambassador program allows individuals or groups to become paid members of the L4SP team. Once you’ve signed up and are approved you simply share the organization with your friends/family/coworkers and you make a commission off each sale you bring in.

How it Works:

Each Ambassador receives their own unique link to keep track of sales which is used when sharing to social media or posting on their blogs/websites/etc. When a customer follows this link to the L4SP website, the link tracks said customer and installs a cookie on their browser which will associate any purchase or subscription made with the Ambassador. The cookie will remain installed on the customers browser for 90 days, which means that even if the customer closes the window and returns to the site without using the Ambassador’s link or they use a different Ambassador’s link, they will still be associated with the original Ambassador that lead them there.

What this means for Shelters:

Even as a nonprofit shelter, you may earn passive income by promoting our products. Each sale made will bring you additional monthly income, without taking time away from your already busy staff. We provide everything you need, and all you need to do is place a link on your website or share our products on social media, sit back and relax. We handle everything else!

If this seems like a possible solution to you, please reach out and we will discuss how the Ambassador program may work for you!