Success Story - Meet Pierre!

Pierre, a 6 pound toy Poodle, was surrendered to a local shelter at the age of 16. He was abandoned with his fur brother named Oreo, also a toy Poodle. While it wasn’t directly said, there was a strong inkling from the shelter staff that the owner didn’t want to face the death of his two dogs. While this can be hard to hear for many people, it is sadly a popular reason why people abandon their senior pets.

The staff at the shelter had to do some major clean up work (as you can see in the photos), because it was clear Pierre and Oreo had not been groomed in a very long time. They were dirty and matted and clearly neglected.

Pierre and Oreo both had medical issues. Pierre’s medical situation was treatable but not his brother’s. Oreo passed away within a week of being dropped off at the shelter. This left Pierre alone and depressed.

Having lost his human of 16 years and now his brother, he was all alone. He stayed in a kennel with two other small dogs but spent his time curled up in the corner, cowering.

The staff was concerned he would not be adopted but we are excited to announce that he was. He spent less than two months in the shelter. Even though this is a short stay in comparison to other seniors who need to be adopted, we are sure it felt like a lifetime for Pierre.

He is coming out of his shell and adapting well to his new home and two new doggie friends. He is adjusting to the pack life and the massive amount of love he receives everyday. Congrats Pierre!


As of July 1st, 2020, Pierre is no longer with us. He was a very good boy and is sorely missed.