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Dog Diapers

Let’s face it, as we age we can’t always make it to our favorite bathroom spot before we gotta let loose. If you have a senior dog who is struggling with holding their bladder as they age, then it might be time for dog diapers. Always Cleaning It can be frustrating to live in a carpeted home with a senior pet who is losing their bladder control. If you’re dealing with this currently, and reading this post, we know you love your pet enough to be searching out a solution. We are here to tell you that dog diapers is an excellent choice! They are easy to use, a low cost investment and an amazing time saver when it comes...

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Anxiety Blankets for your Pet - What to Consider Before Buying

Anxiety blankets for pets Anxiety blankets for pets can be found in small to large coats, throw blankets, wraps and more. They have shown time and time again they help ease stress in pets. But there are some concerns you should be aware of before using one of these tools to calm your furry friend. Too heavy The most concerning is choosing a blanket or wrap too heavy for the pet. If you have a weighted blanket you use at home for yourself, it most likely works wonders for you but when used on your pet would cause added stress. If the blanket is too heavy for them, your pet will struggle with their breathing. This can be subtle. Animals...

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Sometimes Unadoptable is Adoptable

We know it can be scary to bring home a high needs pet, no matter what the age. Let's face it, it's not for everyone. But, if you have the time and the love to give, it is so worth it! There are countless success stories of pets who were identified as unadoptable but then blossomed in their new environment. Sometimes it just takes getting them out of a scary place and giving them a calm and loving home. I found this to be true when I adopted Archie, a stray Yorkie with what at first seemed like severe dementia. I discovered Archie during one of my Petfinder search sessions. Once I discovered Petfinder had an app for my phone,...

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