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Older Pets Can Be Better for Many Reasons

In general, older pets have a harder time finding homes and remain in shelters longer. The two most common reasons people choose not to adopt a ‘golden oldie’ is medical costs and fear of death. We get it. Yes, there can be medical bills and yes, the pet will have fewer years with you. But consider the following before you make your decision. Older Pets are the Easiest Choice When it comes to adopting a senior pet, they are already set in their behavior patterns. Personality quirks, sleep patterns and behavior traits have are already fully blossomed. Heck, most of them don’t need to be trained at all. They know where to take their bathroom breaks, understand that chewing on...

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Look for Signs When Adopting

I am a strong believer that our pets pick us. When choosing a pet to adopt sometimes there are signs pointing you in the direction of which pet to choose. I don’t think this is the case every time, but frequently there are signs that you just can’t ignore. And the name of the animal can be one of them. Years ago I had a Cocker Spaniel named ‘Apple’. This was a few years before Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple so I guess I was a little ahead of the game. Apple came home to us on New Years Eve and immediately stole my heart. We were inseparable. She passed away a few years later and I have missed...

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Some Adopted Pets Need More Time to Adjust

A full backstory doesn’t always come with adopting a pet. Sadie (12 years old) and Sugar Baby (14 years old) came home to us June 2018 and all we knew was their owner had passed away. These two senior ladies had lived together for years. We adopted them together so they wouldn’t be separated. And even though they shared the same past, they each adjusted quite differently to their new home. Sadie warmed up to us very quickly. But Sugar Baby took some time. Four months to be exact. While Sadie rolled over for a belly rub in an instant, Sugar Baby kept her distance for months. Proof that an animal’s personality, combined with its lifetime of experiences, will determine...

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