Success Story - Meet Sugar Baby!

Sugar Baby was obese and had a horrible case of dental disease when she was surrendered to a local shelter. Shelters see this quite often because medical bills is one of the leading reasons people abandon their senior pets.

Dental disease is VERY common in senior dogs and cats. Sugar Baby’s teeth were so rotten they were falling out in her bedding while she slept at night. She moved very slowly and cautiously, clearly dealing with a lot of pain. It was no surprise that she did NOT want to be touched.

After paying for the dental surgery, which is one of the more expensive procedures shelters run into, she made a full recovery and is a new dog! She now jumps and leaps when she is excited. And best of all, she begs to be pet and adores having her jawbone rubbed.

She was adopted into a loving home at the age of 15 and is now thriving and pain free. Watch to the end of the video as she gives an awkward kiss to her new owner. We suspect “giving kisses” wasn’t something she did a lot of because her dental disease was so advanced. Awkward or not, she is a happy, pain-free girl now.