Sparking New Life Into Your Senior Pets Through Scents

Senior pets do one thing really well, they nap. They nap a lot. One way to increase their activity and interest them in staying awake just a little longer is introducing new scents on a regular basis. An animal’s sense of smell is keen and it’s a direct line to stimulating their mind. Once everything in the house has been sniffed, checked out and pet approved it’s time to settle down and chill. That’s how the seniors roll. But we all know lack of activity isn’t necessarily a good thing. Mental activity for elders brings more happiness, less anxiety and hopefully more years.

Keep it Simple for Senior Pets

You don’t have to buy new toys every week, although we respect the desire and fully encourage spoiling pets with a plethora of squeak toys. Use what is already available to you. Refresh the scents your existing toys and bedding. Running these through the wash refreshes them and reignites your pet’s interest in playing or rooting around in their soon to be future napping nest.

Mix Up the Treats

It doesn’t matter what type of treats you give your pet, vegan to fresh foods to store bought, mixing them up can spark a little life into the treat experience. Routine is key to a happy senior pet but shaking up that routine ever so slightly makes their day! You can do this by changing out the treats you give your senior each week. Take a seven day cycle on one type of treat and then introduce a different one.

Use the Nose to Your Benefit

Stimulating the mind through scents is a powerful way to bring joy into the life of a senior. It’s such a simple excitement but one that is pure and true and reminds seniors they are truly young whippersnappers at heart! Read more on bringing joy to pets
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