Dog Diapers

Let’s face it, as we age we can’t always make it to our favorite bathroom spot before we gotta let loose. If you have a senior dog who is struggling with holding their bladder as they age, then it might be time for dog diapers.

Always Cleaning

It can be frustrating to live in a carpeted home with a senior pet who is losing their bladder control. If you’re dealing with this currently, and reading this post, we know you love your pet enough to be searching out a solution. We are here to tell you that dog diapers is an excellent choice! They are easy to use, a low cost investment and an amazing time saver when it comes to carpet (and sometimes furniture) cleaning. But best of all, and most important in our hearts, they ease the stress levels of your dog.

Relieve Stress

Dogs tend to feel guilt when they do something they know they are not supposed to. As seen in countless “dog shaming” photos. So for a dog who is trained to only go to the bathroom outside, they might feel bad when they have an accident inside. They want to follow the rules and do the best they can, but their bodies are no longer cooperating with their plans. Thus... stress. We recently spoke with Sean from The Dog’s Way this week during a podcast interview we were doing and he expressed having that exact experience with one of his older pets in the past. Once he started to use diapers on his senior dog, he could see the dog’s stress level decrease. For male dogs, it’s incredibly easy, dog diapers come in a simple wrap. The ladies pretty diaper panties are a little bit more work but not too much. For both, it gives them peace of mind that they won’t be making “mistakes” in the house anymore. For you… well, enjoy another Netflix episode or a stroll in the park because you won’t be spending copious amounts of free time doing clean up. Dog diapers are a win-win for you and your fur friend.
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