Cat Comfort as They Get Older

While your feline companion used to rule the roost, as they become an “older cat” they tend to slow down a bit, sleep more and need more routine. Here are some things you can do to improve the life of your senior cat and give them a little cat comfort.

Keep the Light On

As cats age their site can start to diminish. Keeping a light on at night will help them navigate their surroundings and make them more comfortable getting up for a middle of the night stretch. If your older cat has lost their vision and is blind, clearly lights aren’t going to be the solution. The best thing to do in this case is refrain from moving the furniture in your home. A blind cat will memorize their surroundings in order to help them navigate around the house. It can be disruptive to them if their “map” changes. So keep the furniture where it’s at and keep miscellaneous items on the floor to a minimum.

Just the Right Temperature

Not too cold and not too hot is just right, especially for a senior cat. Cats love a warm place to snuggle up and sleep. Keep their bedding and cuddle areas away from cold drafts and a lot of foot traffic. Equally important is to keep their sleeping quarters away from areas that get too hot.

Consider an Extra Vet Check Up

As cats age they can struggle with a variety of medical issues. Adding in an extra check up each year, going twice instead of just once, will help you find medical issues sooner. This can reduce the amount of time your cat might be in pain or uncomfortable. Cats, similar to dogs, tend to be very stoic about their pain. Many times we aren’t even aware there is something wrong. By bringing your cat into a veterinarian, they will be able to professionally diagnose any issues the cat is dealing with and problem solve for their comfort.

Build a Ramp

Cats adore their window ledges and shelves. As they age, they aren’t as agile and sometimes can’t reach these favorite places. Do what you can to make it easier for them. Build a ramp or stairs. Move some multi-level pieces of furniture or boxes under that windowsill. Whatever it takes for them to get back into that wonderful spot they love so much is worth a little creativity on your part.
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