Anxiety Blankets for your Pet - What to Consider Before Buying

Anxiety blankets for pets

Anxiety blankets for pets can be found in small to large coats, throw blankets, wraps and more. They have shown time and time again they help ease stress in pets. But there are some concerns you should be aware of before using one of these tools to calm your furry friend.

Too heavy

The most concerning is choosing a blanket or wrap too heavy for the pet. If you have a weighted blanket you use at home for yourself, it most likely works wonders for you but when used on your pet would cause added stress. If the blanket is too heavy for them, your pet will struggle with their breathing. This can be subtle. Animals don’t always make it visually clear to us that they are struggling or suffering. So consider the weight of your pet in comparison to the weight of the blanket or jacket you are using before you put it on them.

Bothers the skin

For animals that suffer from sensitive skin issues a weighted blanket or wrap of some sort may cause more stress on them simply do to the skin being unable to breathe and their fur pressing down on the sensitive areas. Again, the pet might not express their discomfort so paying extra close attention, or better yet looking for another solution, might be the best plan of action.

They’re a chewer!

Ah the chewer. Gotta love the chewer. Most importantly, gotta keep the weighted blankets away from the chewer. Weighted blankets, wraps and coats typically have some version of plastic inside of them that makes them heavy. This is something we do not want our pets gnawing on for sure. So if you think they might take on the challenge of uncovering the inside of the blanket, then a weighted blanket is not the right choice for them.

Other than blankets

If your fur buddy is struggling with anxiety and/or stress, and you think a weighted blanket or coat might not be the best fit for them, there are other options available to them to help ease their emotional pain. Take some time to research those options and speak with your vet to get their input on what would work best for your specific pet. From music, calming chew and sprays to hemp oil, there are a lot of options out there. It’s always a good idea to do a little research first. Read more about easing anxiety in a shelter adopted pet
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