An Animal’s Natural State is Joy

An animal's natural state

An animal's natural state is one of joy. They are free spirits. They have massive capacity to love unconditionally and to exist in a state of joy. This is best seen when an animal is not dealing with fear or survival issues.

I saw a cow today chasing a ball

Perhaps you’ve seen the social media post going around of the cow playing ball with its owner, chasing a large ball and frolicking in the process. The video oozes with joy and bliss. This cow is clearly an animal who feels safe and loved. An animal who doesn’t fear what the next day might bring. It is completely free of worry as it chases the ball. Line that up next to a video of a cow treated poorly and, well, you don’t even need to do that, it’s easy to imagine. It’s in this space of freedom and safety that an animal is allowed to be 100% itself, pure happiness and love. No stress, no looming issues to be concerned over. Just being in the moment. Unfortunately, even though animals don’t have human worries, like paying bills and traffic, they still have their own worries when they are surrendered, abandoned and in an unfamiliar place. Can we save every animal out there right now, right this minute? No. But making a difference in the life of even just one can do exactly that… make a difference. Give an animal a chance to be back in a moment of happiness.

A simple step

Imagine if you were late on rent, worried about your electricity being shut off, and your neighbor knocked on your door and gave you enough money to get through another month. Giving a shelter animal much needed medical care, a warm blanket of their own, more visitation time with staff is the same thing. Helping that small being get through the next month, week, or hopefully just a day until their life improves. Small gestures make a huge difference. Pay it forward to animals when you can. Give a cow a reason to happily chase a ball, even if for just one afternoon. Click here to read more on emotional adjustment of animals
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