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Our Mission

Today, more than ever, shelters need our support. Together, with the help of amazing Pin Drop subscribers like you, we raise much needed awareness for shelters across this country.

It is sad but true, as pets get older, some owners surrender them to shelters. They cannot handle the medical bills. They can no longer care for them or worse, they are too scared to experience the death of their pet.

These senior pets are left at shelters by the families they’ve loved their entire lives. Many times they are also suffering from painful medical conditions.

Our mission at Love for Senior Paws is to make sure this overlooked population of love-deserving animals does not spend the remainder of their lives in shelters, scared and alone.

Love for Senior Paws is not a shelter. We promote senior animal adoption and feature senior animals on our social media with the hopes of helping them find their forever homes.

By signing up for a Pin Drop subscription, you help raise awareness for those pets that otherwise will spend the last of their days in shelters, or subjected to euthanasia, scared and in a room of strangers.

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Phone: +1 401-203-7213